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Hosted by Trevor Bauer
Bauer Bytes
Take a seat at the table with some of baseball's biggest stars and legends. Real stories, unfiltered. Hosted by the game’s most polarizing figure, Trevor Bauer.
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Live At-Bats
Well, there was no baseball for a little while so we decided to pack up our gear, head to the middle of the desert, and host (socially distant) Live At-Bats for MLB and MiLB players.
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with Trevor Bauer
Inside the COVID Season
Cincinnati Reds Pitcher Trevor Bauer takes us inside the weirdest season in baseball history -- the COVID Season.
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The Athlete's Vlog
Take a peek inside the lives of our favorite athletes across baseball as we give unprecedented access behind the scenes of the game we all love.
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Momentum Originals
Pieces built upon the players that make our game great.
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Mic'd Up!
An unfiltered look into MLB Batting Practice straight from the player.
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