Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer was born and raised in North Hollywood, CA before attending college at UCLA where he studied Mechanical Engineering. He is obsessed with training, learning, creating, and self-improvement. Trevor is a diehard Duke Basketball fan, with March Madness being his favorite time of year, until his Blue Devils lose. He is a tech nerd, a consumer of every UFC pay-per-view, and loves Melodic Swedish Death Metal. Yes, that’s an actual genre. His day jobs do not allow for much free time, but when they do he enjoys traveling, taking photos, and making videos.

Tosh Semlacher

Tosh Semlacher is originally from Canada and grew up playing every sport possible. He ultimately fell in love with the game and people of Baseball and pursued it professionally after attending Willamette University. After two massive labrum repairs, he moved onto a second career and began work at Driveline Baseball. It was there where Tosh found his new goal, to help evolve the game, market and culture of Baseball in whatever ways he can. During that time in Seattle, he also attended Seattle University and received his Master’s of Sports Business Leadership. He currently sits on the Advisory Board of that degree’s new form; MBA in Sport and Entertainment Management. In his free time, Tosh enjoys spending time with his family, experimenting with his Traeger grill and appreciating all of the freedoms he has as a new American citizen.
MLB Player-Agent

Rachel Luba

Rachel takes us into her life as the First Female MLB Player Agent in history as she navigates the world of Baseball.
Content Creator

Eric Sim

He's loud. He's brash. He's Eric f&*!$ing Sim. The King of JUCO.
Content Creator

Kevin Chan

Kevin Chan is an experienced videographer and huge baseball fan. He has combined his passions of baseball and videography to create videos for various amateur athletes and professional baseball players of all levels. He has 20+ years of baseball playing experience. Even though he did not play collegiately or professionally, he still continues to try and play/train when he can just because he enjoys and loves the game. His combination of playing experience and passion for videography has given him a special edge and eye for when filming. In his free time he also collects baseball cards and baseball gloves.